Nopenpolaw,,: Novel Opening Potential Law, it is an Openpolian constraint, leading to write a novel to create potential law.   The difficulty of this constraint is that the form of the « novel » is at the same time binding and non binding. It allows everything but involves underlying constraints: in particular a convention with a reader (still negotiable) and the likeliness of the narrative (this point may be discussed). Creating potential law with a novel is a double bind since it is necessary to remain in the non legal realm (the one of particular people) to create potential legal concepts or doctrines, or new construction of rules. It can be said that it is an impossible constraint or a contradictory constraint. It uses new technology as well, which involves other constraints such as hypertext link and a picture per chapter.

See an attempt in progress : Cabôzor ; in French :  rodropo,, et Cabâzor

Short Story Opener of Potential Law, SHOSTOPOLaw: it is an Openpolian constraint, leading to write a short story to create potential law.

See an attempt: Ghost, Fantôme